The Northspire Mercenary Company

The Northspire Mercenary Company

The Northspire Mercenary Company (a.k.a “The Spire”) is a regional mercenary group from Daggerdale who are loyal to Lord Randal Morn and support free trade throughout the Dales and adjacent lands. They directly oppose tyranny of any kind. The Spire is independent, courageous, and enterprising. Fighters, Bards, and Mages of good alignment are commonly drawn to The Spire although all classes are welcome.


  • Overthrow the tyrant, shield the oppressed and uphold the downtrodden at all costs.
  • Defend freedom of choice, individualism, and diversity.
  • Promote fair competition for all.
  • Defend the sovereignty of Daggerdale against all tyrannical forces (especially The Zhentarim).


  • Absolute power corrupts.
  • Personal freedom leads to ingenuity.
  • Fiercely overcome all obstacles with your unique talents.
  • Competition makes everyone better.

Member Traits

Members of The Spire are the sort of folk that cheer for the underdog. They are grassroots, born from the people for the people. Most carry a grudge from a life of oppression and wish to see a society where hard work and ingenuity are rewarded.

They aren’t afraid of making a gold piece if they earned it fair and square. Nothing infuriates them more than a tyrant, a cheat, or a scoundrel.

Ranks & Benefits

  1. Flatfoot (Rank 1 / Agent) – Receive insignia label pin, Rank tattoo, Access to common quartermaster services.
  2. Abettor (Rank 2 / Assistant) – Conduct secret missions, Apprenticeship to ranking mentor, Access to Uncommon Quartermaster services
  3. Shamus (Rank 3 / Detective) – Faction downtime activity, Access to Rare Quartermaster Services, Access to Treasury Loan (2,000 Gold Pieces)
  4. Prolocutor (Rank 4 / Captain) – Designate Rank 2 & 3 as your charges, Access to Treasury Loans (10,000 Gold Pieces)
  5. Warden (Rank 5 / Guardian) – Access to all Quartermaster Services, Access to Treasury Loans (50,000 Gold Pieces), Land and Title, Command a Regiment of up to 50 Mercenaries

Faction Advancement

Rank Renown Other Requirements
1 0 -
2 3 Nomination by Member
3 10 1 Secret Mission
4 25 3 Secret Mission
5 10 50 Secret Mission
*Rank is shown by a the number of clenched fists tattooed on your knuckles.
*Rank is displayed by placing your hand over your heart

Faction Insignia (Lapel Pin)

The sigil is marked by a setting sun with beams of sun rays emanating outward encapsulating a large mountain peak, the Northspire Peak. In the middle across the bottom edge is a small shield emblazoned by an elongated “S” overlayed on top of a smaller “n”. There are also 7 emeralds along the top of the arch that align with the rays and represent the 7 members of The Council.


The Council

The Northspire Mercenary Company

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