The Market Square

The Market Square

A thriving market square that has come to life with bustling merchants, travelers, and locals.


The market square is located in southwest corner of the city proper due south of the Garrison and Constable Tower.


Since the liberation of Dagger Falls, the market square has become a bustling place that fills with peddlers on Market Day once each ride or tenday. Even on those days when street vendors are not permitted, the Market square still sees plenty of trade activity and deals being made between merchants. Daggerdale is new to open trade due to its recent liberation, and the finest of merchant companies are taking full advantage. It is an open air market where merchants are allowed to rent stalls through the Dagger Falls principality at the Constable Tower.


Prior to Dagger Falls liberation the only trade that was allowed was that which was controlled by the iron hand of the Zhents or their corrupt known associates. It is now thriving, but not without opposition. The Zhents, drow, and brigands raid local trade routes and there is local opposition from a purported thieves guild and corrupt holdovers from the Zhent occupation.

The Market Square

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