Dagger Falls


Dagger_Falls_map.jpgDaggers Falls is a large, stone-walled town in the Daggerdale region of the Dalelands. The town is situated near a steep waterfall of the same name. Dagger Falls has a strong stone wall encompassing the town and a garrison of 300 Northspire Mercenary soldiers, and roughly 250 Dalesmen Freedom Riders reserves. Two gatehouses guard the entrances to the town, holding 35 troops each, located by the northern forest gate and eastern river gate.


The site was once used as a storage site for dwarven metals mined from the Desertsmouth Mountains to the east. As all cargo heading along the River Tesh needed to be unloaded before the Dagger Falls and reloaded on the other side it wasn’t long before humans and other folk began coming to the site to trade with the dwarves. It was here that dwarven fortifications for the shipments sprang up and the beginnings of the village grew.

Dagger Falls had long been the seat of power for Daggerdale if only by virtue of it being the largest settlement. The Morn family ruled the dale from Dagger Falls for centuries until 1336 DR when the Zhentarim agents deposed them.

The town was then primarily controlled by series of Zhentarim-nominated constables, who held it until Randal Morn’s triumphant liberation of Dagger Falls in 1369 DR.

In 1374, it still existed as a frontier town under the authority of Randal Morn, Lord of Daggerdale.

Notable Locations

  • Teshford Arms – The Teshford Arms is the only real Inn in Dagger Falls and is run by hardy and resilient stoutheart halfling, Olavia Tsardruyn.
  • Old Dulwar’s Leatherworks – Old Dulwar’s Leatherworks is a tannery and leatherworking shop just outside the city proper of Dagger Falls in Daggerdale.
  • Fulgath’s Caravan Supplies – Fulgath’s Caravan Supplies is a large shop in Dagger Falls.
  • Red Rock – The Red Rock Tavern is a unique stone and wood inn located in Dagger Falls ran by the half-elven ex-minstrel known as Kessla.
  • Burned Out Temple (Lathander’s Light) – A burned out temple that is the former temple to the Morninglord in Dagger Falls.
  • The Broken Dagger – The Broken Dagger is a stinking watering hole in the eastern part of Dagger Falls in Daggerdale.
  • Abandoned Warehouses – There are two large abandoned warehouses that are currently without use and falling into ruin.
  • The Market Square – A thriving market square that has come to life with bustling merchants, travelers, and locals.
  • The Garrison – The Garrison houses the Northspire Mercenaries who are the acting City Watch and enforcers of the law of Dagger Falls.
  • The Constable’s Tower Constable’s Tower was an imposing keep with a tall tower, standing high over the town of Dagger Falls. It is now a beacon of hope for all travelers as it rises high above the landscape.
  • Eagles Eyrie – Eagles’ Eyrie was a rocky knoll just outside the town of Dagger Falls; it was noted as a site sacred to the Brightblade clan of dwarves.
  • Anvar’s Smithy – Anvar’s Smithy is a full service arms and armor shop as well as the regions foremost smithy located a stone’s through from the River Gate along the main thoroughfare in the Industrial District.

Dagger Falls

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