Abandoned Warehouses

Abandoned Warehouses

There are two large abandoned warehouses that are currently without use and falling into ruin.


The warehouses are located in the southeastern industrial block near the River Gate situated close to the central thoroughfare.


The warehouses are large wooden structures that are unremarkable at first glance other than their sheer size. The warehouses are near other workman structures to include the several smithies and stone merchants. They largely look abandoned and are in disrepair. Garbage and filth can be seen piled up on the edge of the property.


The warehouses were occupied and stored many Zhent goods as they passed through or awaited transport across the Black Road to the West, the Tess Trail to the east, or the Tethyamar Trail to the south. Since Lord Morn drove out the Zhent interlopers the warehouses have sat idle. They have the potential to be of huge advantage to local commerce and merchants.

Abandoned Warehouses

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