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  • The Zhentarim

    The Zhentarim were a mercenary company who, over their 200 years of existence, experienced several leaps and bounds in terms of successes, but also several major defeats. As of 1374 DR, in the aftermath of the fall of Zhentil Keep, they are a shadow of …

  • Teshwave


    Built near a series of small rapids on the River Tesh, __Teshwave__ was once the most productive town in old Teshendale. That was before the [[The Zhentarim | Zhentarim]] swept down to pillage and destroy the town. …

  • Zhentil Keep

    Zhentil Keep (also called Thargate Keep) was once the most powerful city in the Moonsea region as well as the main base of operation for the [[The Zhentarim | Zhentarim.]] When Bane fell during the Time of Troubles, Zhentil Keep was claimed by …

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