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  • 10.17.15

    Farm Investigation

    [[File:557398 | class=media-item-align-right | Werewolf1.jpg]] * Lady Estella invited the group to stay the night in the barn loft and have dinner with the family. * Her boy, Han, showed them to the most recent "mutilation" …

  • A Secret Meeting

    The Road to Kellet

    * The group made their way to Kellet by horseback under the cover of night. * While in route the spotted horses along the road moving at a full gallop toward Kellet. * The group tied their horses on the far side of a ridge …

  • A Meeting Interupted

    Setting the stage

    * The group took advantage of the element of surprise to it's full extent * After dispatching the drow on the towers, Nathier and Waylan positioned themselves above the courtyard. * Sam was able to climb atop the barracks …

  • Dane

    Dane was the seed of Lycanthrope within the Umbra Lupus and the Alpha Male. He was first encountered in the [[Abandoned Warehouses | abandoned warehouse]] as the Umbra Lupus and Drow were convening. The group notoriously broke up the meeting with the …

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