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  • Cavernous Dreamings


    * The smoldering carnage of cedar and elm casts light dancing off the cavern walls. Dervin's well placed Fireball once again turned the tide of battle. The entrance to the Umbra Lupus encampment is in ruins as the wooden …

  • Of Dwarven Effigy's

    Silent Bells

    The group is exhausted from the better part of day spent spelunking and tracking the drow to the cavern entrance to Eagle's Eyrie. Great care was taken to cross the expansive underground lake without detection. The Troll lay …

  • Dwarven Wood


    * The group explored the cavern hall * Dervin (Survival, Nat 20) finds tracks of 8-10 drow leaving through a passage along the south wall * Additionally, the two drow from the wall have disappeared to the far west of the cavern hall …

  • As Luck Would Have It

    A Trap

    * After considering their options the group decided to follow the drow tracks through the door to the south. * Nathier and Waylan surmised that the door was barred from the other side and was most likely mechanical in nature. * …

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