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  • Cat and Mouse

    [[File:557635 | class=media-item-align-right | Bert_Death.jpg]]

    Bert's Funeral Procession

    * Uneventful, but the group did notice some shadowy figures watching * Nathier introduced Waylan to Kotono and Darvin. *[[:nathier-fleetfoot | Nathier]] …

  • 10.10.15

    [[File:557617 | class=media-item-align-right | Backalley_Murder.jpg]]

    Backalley Murder

    * Dynter's throat was torn out * He was unarmed * There was evidence that he put up a tremendous struggle - crates broken, several bloody patches where it …

  • The Broken Dagger

    The Broken Dagger

    __The Broken Dagger__ is a stinking watering hole in the eastern part of [[Dagger Falls | Dagger Falls]] in [[Daggerdale | Daggerdale]] and is owned by the half-ogre, [[:dynter | Dynter]].


  • Dynter

    Dynter (male/Half-Ogre/CN/Fighter2) is the proprietor of the notorious Broken Dagger Taphouse in Dagger Falls. Dynter was a mercenary for the Zhentarim stationed in Teshwave, but retired in 1369. It is local legend that he purchased it from the Zhent …

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