Tunfer the Stout

Conciliator of the Faiths, The Court of Daggerdale


Tunfer the Stout (male/hm/LG/cleric9/Tyr) is a male human cleric of Tyr who resides in Dagger Falls. He is a proud man with a noble countenance who is driven by his oath to bring justice and good to the lands of Daggerdale. He has no patience for evil-doers or followers of evil deity’s.


Tunfer is an experienced cleric, and can pray for spells capable of raising the dead, if needed. Besides his duties as a priest of Tyr at the Temple of Tyr in Dagger Falls, Tunfer also counsels Lord Randal Morn. During the occupation of Daggerdale by the Zhents, Tunfer displayed talent with the healing arts and would regularly tend to wounded soldiers. After Randal Morn had reclaimed Dagger Falls and assumed his place as its ruler once again, Tunfer the Stout eventually became a resident of the town. In 1374 DR, Tunfer is arguably the most experienced cleric in Dagger Falls and was still one of Randal Morn’s closest counselors. Tunfer servers as the head cleric for the local temple of Tyr and sits on the Court of Daggerdale as the Conciliator of the Faiths.

Tunfer the Stout

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