Shevaril Starcloak

High Arcanist, Court of Daggerdale


Shevaril Starcloak (female/halfelf/CG/Wiz8/Abj) is a female half-elf abjurer from Dagger Falls.


Shevaril serves as an advisor to Lord Randal Morn on wizarding matters as the High Arcanist of the Court of Daggerdale as well as an ambassador to the various fey and elf tribes of the Border Forest. As an experienced abjurer, Shevaril is well-versed in a number of protective spells that could be put to use. In 1372 DR, Shevaril was in the employ of Randal Morn as the High Arcanist and she advised him on wizard matters during the drow raids in Marpenoth of that year. There is a strong enmity between Shevaril and the drow. Shevaril resides in The Constable Tower.

Shevaril Starcloak

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