Sergoi Meristaak

A feared battle berserker, Zhent Captian and Kara Chermosk's second in command.


Sergoi stands approximately six feet tall. His black hair falls loosely about his shoulders. Most noticeably is a tribal tattoo that covers the left side of his face. His eyes burn with a deep impenetrable fire that hint at his prowess in battle. He is lightly armored with a simple iron sword at his side. The sword, when drawn, is well cared for, but is etched and notched along the blade from many felled enemies. Sergoi’s speaks little, but when he does he has little patience for idle chatter. He is all business.


The only known history is from his time with the Zhents. He is highly loyal and seems to have a special connection with his commanding officer, Kara Chermosk. He is always at her side and defends her vehemently. It is presumed that Sergoi originated from a tribe among the Desertsmouth Mountains.

Sergoi Meristaak

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