Samuel "Sam" Gamshee

Northspire Mercenary under the special command of Kotono


Samuel “Sam” Gamshee is a male, human mercenary who stands 5’9" tall and has short jet black hair. He rarely is seen without a few days stubble about his face. He has a somber, serious demeanor, but loves to give a good "ribbing’ to those he’s close to. Sam is known for his expert marksmanship with a crossbow. He is also handy with a handaxe in a pinch.


Samuel “Sam” Gamshee grew up in the capital city of Suzail in Cormyr. He was an orphan and a street urchin eking out a living hand to hand. As a young boy he befriended a charismatic boy, Colbert “Bert” Mouret, a son of a peddler. Bert and Sam were inseparable and have seen many adventures together that brought them from the Dragonmere to the Moonsea. They have tussled with pirates, Zhents, and the seedier side of Suzail and Arabel. Sam was Bert’s constant companion and friend through thick and thin. Most recently Sam has been employed with the Northspire Mercenaries under the command of Kotono Shin. He experienced his darkest moment when Bert was murdered by a werewolf of the Umbra Lupus. He now seeks revenge upon those that took the life of his friend.

Samuel "Sam" Gamshee

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