Kara Chermosk

Kara Chermosk is the commander for the Zhentarim forces of the Tethyamar Fortress, nestled in the western Dalelands amid the Desertsmouth Mountains.


Kara Chermosk is not imposing at first sight standing of average height and build. She carries herself with confidence and speaks directly with authority when communicating with her subordinates. Her ice blue eyes speak volumes of her icy demeanor. You will find no compassion or remorse as she pragmatically makes decisions. Kara keeps her hair no longer than shoulder length and shaves it on each side to keep it out of her face. She wears the traditional black armor of her station in the Zhentarium trimmed with the black fur of a dire wolf along her spaulders flowing into her cape.

Kara earned much respect from her soldiers for her iron-handed rule and severe manner, which brooks no dissent. She is calm even in the face of grave danger and rarely raises her voice or loses her temper. Her punishment is deliberate and swift often without warning.

Her time among the caravans of the Black Road gave her a great skill in negotiation, allowing her to form alliances with creatures that would normally shun her kind. Those who know her well cautiously speak of her with admiration for her ability to lead and motivate her troops while making difficult decisions. She is unflappably faithful to the Zhent cause along the Black Road and seems willing to give her life if necessary.


Raised by Zhentarim merchants in Zhentil Keep, Kara Chermosk grew up under the yoke of the Black Network’s rule. In time, she decided to become a soldier among the Zhentarim and spent many years working as a caravan guard, making her way back and forth across the Black Road of the Anauroch. Kara briefly took the time out of her career to join the Church of Bane as a cleric before rising up through the ranks to become a commander. By 1372 DR, Kara had been promoted to the position of base commander in the Tethyamar Fortress where she forged an alliance with the fiendish denizens they found there. Kara is rarely seen without her second-in-command, Captain Sergoi Meristaak a powerful berserker.

Kara is leading the reinforcements of the assault upon Dagger Falls to include cavalry, ground forces and seige equipment. She has fortified a position on top of Eagle’s Eyre and is assaulting the city along the River Gate.

Kara Chermosk

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