Deceased, Proprietor of The Broken Dagger


Dynter is a male, half-ogre who stands nearly nine feet tall with a large belly that hangs below his belt. He has many scars and tattoos, but his most notable feature is his massive hands; a pint looks like a thimble in his grasp. Dynter is well spoken for a half-ogre and many enjoy his many stories from his time as a mercenary.


Dynter (male/Half-Ogre/CN/Fighter2) is the proprietor of the notorious Broken Dagger Taphouse in Dagger Falls. Dynter was a mercenary for the Zhentarim stationed in Teshwave, but retired in 1369.

It is local legend that he purchased it from the Zhent Tharwin One-Eye on the eve of the liberation of Dagger Falls for 2 goldpieces.

Dynter was found murdered in an alley two blocks from the Broken Dagger.


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