Dulwar the Leatherworker

Comptroller, Proprietor of Old Dulwar's Leatherworks


Dulwar the Leatherworker is an unassuming man who runs his own leatherwork business in Dagger Falls. He is a friend to Randal Morn, and spied for him during the Zhenterim occupation. Dulwar is a thin, short, and lithe man who is well past his youth. His trademark lambchop sideburns and prominently receding hairline mark a leathery complexion. He is of stern demeanor, pragmatic in thought and known to be consumed by his work. Dulwar has many contacts throughout Daggerdale and is an excellent resource on all matters Daggerdale.


Dulwar became well acquainted with Randal Morn and Mestin “Troll” Durmark in his early years in southern Daggerdale when they would go on many profitable adventures together.

Dulwar moved to Dagger Falls roughly around 1359 DR from southern Daggerdale and set up his shop selling quality leather of all varieties. His goods were always popular with the locals of the town, even by the garrisoned Zhent soldiers during their occupation. However, during the time of Zhent rule, Dulwar used his cover as a tanner to help supporters of Randal Morn.

In 1369 DR, Dulwar helped Randal Morn reclaim Dagger Falls by using his shop as a place to relay information about troop movements and numbers.

Dulwar still runs his shop, Old Dulwar’s Leatherworks, and is serving his first term as Comptroller for the Court of Daggerdale.

Dulwar the Leatherworker

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