Colderan Morn

Mage-Lord of Daggerdale, Deceased


Colderan Morn

Colderan Morn was a male human wizard and once a tyrannical Mage-lord of Daggerdale. He was also the great-grandfather of the famous Randal Morn.



Colderan was a rather corpulent man who dressed in rich clothing and his short, chubby fingers would often hold a staff.


Although infamous for his tyrannical rule, Colderan had a strong romantic streak, often showering bards with gold in exchange for tales of tragic love or hard-won romance. He was also a sucker for pretty women.



In 1267 DR, many years before Randal Morn reclaimed Daggerdale from the Zhentarim, Colderan ruled the dale with an iron fist. During this reign the mage-lord drove out the Brightblade clan of dwarves when they refused to sell one of their finest jewels to his wife, Belesaria. Colderan battled and eventually slew Elshar Kurl, the chief priest and Dorn the Grim, the clan leader in Eagles’ Eyrie while the rest of their clan escaped to Tethyamar. This deed caused the Brightblade dwarves to refuse to give any aid to the descendants of the Morn family, including Randal Morn.

Some time later, Colderan’s wife Belesaria lost her life to poison, which he blamed on the dwarves til his dying days. However the truth of the matter is that it was his drow allies who poisoned her, unbeknownst to him. Colderan was interred in his secret crypt beneath Dagger Falls by his apprentices, who stole most of his Spellbooks too.


The wealth of Colderan from plundering dwarves and taxing his populace was uncounted but he was noted for a few unique items of his own making. His ring of thorns granted him numerous powers over plants and could be recharged, though only Colderan knew how. He also penned a number of lorebooks on arcane plant lore which contained notes on how to create nightshades and a treatise on sleep magic which oultines the construction of his ambitious net of dreams.

Colderan Morn

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