Colbert "Bert" Mouret

Deceased friend of Samuel "Sam" Gamshee and loyal Northspire Mercenary


Bert always carried a wry smile on his face. He was of quick wit and dry humor. He was a mans man and stood shoulder to shoulder with his brothers in arms. Though looked at as a leader in the Spire he always carried himself as simple sell sword. Bert stood approximately 5’10" tall and was of average build. He had a full head of hair that was typically unkept with long sideburns.


Colbert “Bert” Mouret hailed from the capital city of Suzail in Cormyr. The son of a humble cobbler, Bert did not take well to his father’s profession and fancied the life of sailor. His mother died of a mysterious illness when he was only six and left his father to raise him alone. His father would often have to pull his son off of ships getting ready to cast off into the Moonsea. Bert eventually did catch on as a sailor and received his father’s blessing at the age of 17. He sailed throughout the Dragonmere for over 10 years before returning after hearing word of his father’s death. Bert took to drinking and gambling through his contacts with the local thieves guild and eventually ran up tab he couldn’t repay. He skipped town and made his way north to Arabel where he heard of new Mercenary Company called the Northspire Mercenary Company. Bert was a mans-man and quickly gained the respect of the men around him. Though offered a leadership role within the company, Bert quietly refused not seeing himself worthy of such a responsibility. He always thought of himself as standing shoulder to shoulder with the other mercenaries of the Spire. Besides, Bert enjoyed the life of a gambler way to much. During his sailing days he “acquired” a set of bone dice that seemed to stack the odds in his favor at just the right time. Bert was never seen without them. Bert died as he lived, loyal to his cause as a soldier. He was honored with full guard and regalia for his service.

Bert was first encountered in the module “Waylan” as part of Waylan’s backstory and initiation to the Spire. He was also part of the module “Khopesh Smolpesh” where he met his untimely demise presumably at the hand of a werewolf.

Colbert "Bert" Mouret

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