Brodwen Delgaard

Priestess of Waukeen, Prolocutor of Commerce


Brodwen has brown hair and a passionate demeanor. She is often the voice of reason in The Council as she is able to see all sides of various issues. She is typically dressed in formal priestess robe with the symbol of Waukeen emblazoned upon a holy symbol worn around her neck. She wears her hair plainly; often pulled back in a bun or casually pulled down. Brodwen is an excellent negotiator and is sought after as a mediator.


Brodwen Delgaard (female / human / N / Priestess5) is The Northspire Mercenary Company Prolocutor of Commerce and Trademaster. Brodwen acts as a liaison between the city of Dagger Falls and the Company. She is also involved with The Market District acting as a money changer every ride (tenday). She often will accompany caravan’s on important trade missions. Dreg personally recruited Brodwen from Arabel where she hails.

Brodwen Delgaard

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