Baretrek "The Bear" Brightblade

Prolocutor of Defense, Northspire Mercenary Company


Baretrek Brightblade (male/Dwarf/LN/Fighter7) or “The Bear” as he is affectionately called is a surly old dwarf and ancestor of the infamous Brightblade Clan.

The Bear is of average height for a dwarf with graying, unkempt blonde hair and flowing beard. His cool disposition masks a fiery temper. He is notoriously impatient and demanding of his subordinates, but commands fierce loyalty from those under his charge. It is not unusual to hear The Bear coming before you see him as he is typically barking orders or humming a tune.


The Bear serves as the Prolocutor of Defence for the Northspire Mercenary Company and handles all matters related to the Dagger Falls city watch and standing garrison. He is tough as nails and follows Dreg nearly blindly. Dreg often refers to him as his “Second”. It is rumored that he is convinced that Dreg will one day lead the reclamation of the Mines of Tethyamar, the ancient remnants of the dwarven kingdom, Oghrann, located in the north Desertsmouth Mountains. The Bear is the primary contact for the ancestors of the Tethyamar dwarves and the founders of Dagger Falls, the Brightblade Clan, who now reside in the Far Hills. It is not unusual to see bands of Far Hills dwarfs passing through Dagger Falls in search of lost glory and riches in the mines. Few return to tell the tale. It is The Bear’s lifelong dream to reclaim the mines.

Baretrek "The Bear" Brightblade

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