Ariton Delmis

Prolocutor of the People, Ambassador to the Dales, Guildmaster


Ariton Delmis stands 6’2" tall and is in his mid 50’s. His shoulder length deep brown hair and well manicured beard are streaked with silver. His frame belies his age, but it is obvious he carries the burden of past battles bearing many scars. He walks with an obvious limp from an old war injury and will at times use gold cane that bares the blazoned insignia of Torm on it’s handle. Ariton speaks with a measured tone that is filled with years of wisdom. He is quick to listen, slow to speak and is a valued, trusted adviser of many in Daggerdale.


Ariton Delmis is a male human paladin of Torm. He was second-in-command of the Freedom Riders in 1369 DR and Lord Morn’s top Lietenant. Following the liberation of Dagger Falls he was named the first Marshall of the Dales, but retired abruptly in 1372 DR without reason. He took a post as the Guildmaster for the local Fighter’s Guild in Dagger Falls. He is currently the Prolocutor of the People for the Northspire Mercenary Company and acting Ambassador of the Dales for Lord Morn. It is rumored that he personally mentored Dreg of the Northspire Mercenaries as his replacement.

Ariton Delmis

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