Anvar Strongarm

Proprietor of Anvar's Smithy


Anvar is a tall, barrel chested northerner hailing from the Desertsmouth Mountains and is the proprietor and master blacksmith of Anvar’s Smithy located in the industrial district near the River Gate in Dagger Falls. Anvar is a loud, boisterous braggart who likes to make it known that he was trained by dwarfs. He speaks in a deep voice with a thick accent. He carries a wide assortment of arms and armor and does have access to more exotic materials (if the price is right). Anvar is typically guarded at first, but is extremely loyal to those he had done business with. He is married to Gretta who runs the shop front and has three young apprentices; Dilby, Peck, and Eve.


Anvar is from the Deserstmouth Mountains where his clan, The Steel Earth, still resides today. As a boy his clan traded frequently with the Brightblade clan as their lands were filled with precious metals the dwarves were eager to trade for. Fascinated with the dwarves ability to shape metal, Anvar approached his chieftain as soon as he was of age to request the honor of learning a skill for his tribe. His request was granted and he apprenticed with the Brightblade clan for 15 years before making his way to Dagger Falls following it’s liberation. Anvar makes monthly shipments of arms and armor to his clan and has extensive knowledge of the Desertmouth Mountains. His prices are fair, and his work is above standard. He also has contacts with the dwarves of the Brightblade clan and can requisition more advanced crafting requests if necessary.

Under pressure, he revealed that he has seen suspicious activity in the abandoned warehouses during the “Back Alley Mischief” Module. He was reluctant to share this information.

Anvar Strongarm

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