The Morning Lord's Glory

Morning Shield Armory

  • The effects of the darkness upon the temple are beginning to seep in.
  • Dervin is starting to see shadows flitting on the edges of his vision, believes that he is being pursued relentlessly by the enemies of Dagger Falls. His paranoia is mounting.
  • Dor’hian is confounded by the ineptitude of the group and sees how inferior his comrades are the further they descend.
  • The blessing that Tarak received seems to have protected him thus far from the madness that is surrounding the group.
  • The group, freshly rested, donning new armor and weapons from the secret armory of the Morning Shields, prepare to face what lies below…

A Mysterious Child

  • Dervin’s gaze is drawn to a dark corner in the room; he sees a young child in rags scrounging in a corner of the armory.
  • Fascinated, he is drawn to follow the child out of the room
  • As Dervin turns down the hallway he catches a glimpse of a dark elf holding the child from behind with a hand over the child’s mouth – they disappear to the right.
  • The group reluctantly follows Dervin down the hall and down the stairs to the right that descend to platform and then descend again to another landing
  • Two beastly statues with bat-like wings stand on either side of an archway.

Black Guardians

  • Upon closer examination a soft shimmer is seen at the archway entrance
  • As the group approaches the statues animate; the stone begins to take on a leathery, reptilian sheen.
  • The two guardians begin to speak to the group in riddles and a call and answer with one another
  • A deal is struck: For entrance into the crypts below they must recover something of value currently held by the guardian in the Hall of the Morning Shields. They desire to be released from their service.
  • The group reluctantly makes it’s way to the opposite hall

Hall of the Morning Shields

  • Moans and cries of something large can be heard emanating further down the hall…
  • Upon entering the hall they see a room in disarray and ruin.
  • Only the murals on the walls which depict the storied history of the Morning Shields remain.
  • In the corner is a hulking monstrosity crouched over a pile of rumble.
  • It is preoccupied with the shiny metal objects it has gathered.
  • Upon closer inspection, the beast is a menagerie of dis-proportioned body parts; multiple arms jutting out of it’s back and chest cavity, a leg grotesquely larger than the other causing it to hobble about with a terrible limp, a small head jutting out of it’s shoulder that nervously looks about.
  • Tarak, noticing it’s fascination with shiny objects, tosses a gold piece toward it – the creature is immediately drawn to the coin moaning in excitement. It lumbers over and scrapes up the coin in it’s diminutive hand returning to hover over it’s pile.
  • The group notices that the creature has a black object hanging around it’s neck, but it looks to be only one half of a larger whole; it is a small black gargoyle that is sundered on the back side.
  • Approaching the creature it turns and gives the group a wary eye
  • Dervin offers to exchange a coin that he has placed a light spell on in exchange for what hangs around it’s neck.

Brother Maynard

  • As the figurine is dropped into Dervin’s hands a now familiar*pfmpf* bursts around the group.
  • The group phase shifts and brother Maynard can be seen pacing about in a tizzy, “What a mess! You must help me put the Hall back in order. The Morning Lord will be furious!”
  • With some investigation Brother Maynard points them to the Walk of Artifacts for the other half of the statuette.
  • The group locates the second piece of the statuette and makes it’s way back to the guardians

The Exchange

  • As the two halves are merged the statuette solidifies into one piece; two black gargoyles back to back connected by their wings.
  • Returning to the guardians they hand over the statuette.
  • The guardians step back into the shadows of the corner and disappear, dissolving into the darkness from which they came.
  • The shimmer over the doorway fades and the way is open to them

Hall of the Dead

  • Chanting can be heard ahead as the group forges forward into the crypt below
  • The hallway is lined with niches containing interred remains
  • Every 10 feet are alcoves that have urns of various sizes.
  • The aura of this place is alien, dark, and macabre


  • Upon entering the crypt it is clear a dark ritual is being performed.
  • An alter made of human sculls with an obsidian tablet is directly ahead.
  • The eye-sockets of the sculls glow and pulse and magical ley lines pulse through the alter.
  • Atop the alter is body wrapped in a burial shroud.
  • Purple streams of energy are tethered to a two sources in adjacent rooms pulse and surround the alter.
  • Floating above the alter is black orb that is spinning slowly – it is made of an alien material and it pulses drawing upon the energy around it. It seems to be tethered to the alter as well.
  • Five cages hang from the ceiling containing individuals that seem to be feeding the ritual in some way. They are also tethered to the alter with the same purple streams of electrical energy.
  • The group recognizes the dwarf and Dregu’s second, Baretrek Brightblade; Shevaril Starcloak, the High Arcanist of the Court of Daggerdale; Tunfer the Stout, priest of Tyr and Conciliator of the Faiths of the Court of Daggerdale; Dulwar the Leatherworker, Comptroller of the Court of Daggerdale; and Mestin Durmarck, Ranger and Speaker of the Diaspora.
  • Looking to the corridor to the right a portal can be seen opening up into the plane that they originally phased in and out of – purple tentacles of energy flow out of the portal.
  • Behind the alter stands three dark figures; in the middle is the dark elf priestess of Kiaransalee, Myrkiira Desptyl.
  • Myrkiira wears jet black leather armor that bears the mark of her foul deity, a severed drow hand, prominently on the breast of her armor. Her long silver hair falls gracefully down her back. Most striking of all is the silver mask that covers half her face leaving only her left eye and mouth exposed. She carries a blackened shield and a vicious mace that bears a human skull prominently with grotesque thorny spikes jutting out around it. The eyes glow an eerie green haze and a viscous fluid drips from it’s orifices coating the head of the mace. Each drop of poison hisses as it hits the ground. The foul smell of decay and rot follows her wherever she goes.
  • To her left is a another familiar face; the undead visage of the drow wizard, Durden Yauntyrr. His flesh is sunken and his eyes burn with a deep crimson glow. Durden is tall for a drow with fine, sharp features. his hair is well manicured and pulled back tightly. In undeath his visage is even more striking with his skin being pot marked and acid etched giving him a gruesome appearance. He is wearing elegant purple robes and carries rod in one hand.
  • To her left is a a human woman, also clearly undead, but with eyes that glow similarly as Durden’s. She is wearing black leather armor with two daggers at her side.
  • Myrkiira hands are outstretched extending upward and she is chanting loudly.
  • The human undead woman flashes Kotono a wicked glare and shrieks, “Kotono, you have foiled my revenge once, bu the Vengeful mother is with me; you will not escape death this time!”
  • In a moment, Kotono realizes that Olive has risen once gain undeterred by the grave.
  • Durden looks upon Dervin and spits, “You did me a great service ushering me into undeath. I shall now return the favor!”

With that we ended the session…until next time



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