The Morning Lord's Glory

Lathander's Light

Time is Running Out

New Arrivals

  • The group is bolstered by a Cormyr Purple Dragon beckoned north to Dagger Falls in search of his sister, Tess. After coming upon her husband and children murdered and no sign of her anywhere, he was guided to Dagger Falls to seek out Dervin by a vision of White Stag. He learns that the Dervin came upon his sister in the Zhent overrun city of Teshwave where she was conscripted as a barmaid to the legions of thirsty mercenaries encamped about the city. It seems to get to his sister he must first stop the Zhents in Dagger Falls.
  • A mysterious wood elf Ranger, Dor’hian Greenleaf, from the Border Forrest also emerges. Baring the insignia of the Eldreth Veluuthra, but claiming to be lead to Dagger Falls by a similar vision of a White Stag. He was told to help bring Light into the Darkness. Additionally, he came upon a beautiful half-elf woman with fire read hair that told him to seek out a man named Dervin in Dagger Falls. After arriving, Dulwar the Leatherworker sent him into Eagle’s Eyrie to find the missing Mestin Durmark, “The Troll”. After finding the injured Troll and getting her safely to the now abandoned Umbra Lupus camp, she sent him back to the base encampment with a half-elf ranger. He explains to the group that he is at odds with the Veluuthra and does not believe they have made the right decision aligning themselves with a mysterious Eladrin, Dayekris who approached the group for help overtaking Dagger Falls. She was accompanied by a human Zhent and a halfling the group recognizes as Olive by description.
  • The group decides to sneak into Dagger Falls via a sewer culvert along the south wall hoping to link up with the rangers in the warehouse district.
  • Upon approaching the culvert, a spine chilling, low, ominous bellow is heard from within the city. With a blast of energy the darkness from the temple pushes outward engulfing more of the city.

Phase Shift

  • As the group is engulfed in darkness, the world around them suddenly shifts and changes.
  • Before them is a dark, sullen, greyscape that seems to mirror their world, but alien and foriegn all the same.
  • The dreary of the world presses upon the aura of the Torgue eminating profoundly about the group
  • The land is dry, parched, windswept and devoid of any life; no trees or plants can be seen
  • Masses of shambling corpses can be seen in the distance
  • Dark shadows flit about above the city and the surrounding land
  • The wall of the city can be seen, but upon it are perched skeletal warriors and gargoyles.
  • Where the Temple of Lathander’s Light once stood, dark pillars of ebony jut into the sky towering over the cityscape.
  • A shadow approaches the group but keeps it distance from the aura of light – they seem aware of the groups presence but seem ambivalent although curious of their intentions.
  • The group decides to take a more direct route to the temple along the east wall. As they approach the gate, a large fleshy creature stands rocking back and forth. It’s limbs look like they have been stitched together. Perched above the front gate is a large ebony Gargoyle. It’s tail twitches at their presence.
  • Avoiding the front gate they move along the east wall. The world around them begins to press upon the aura of the Torque. It’s aura now only extends 15’ around Dervin. It is determined that somethine is attacking the Torque directly the closer they get to the Temple.
  • Finding an opening they throw their ropes over and climb to the other side.
  • As their feet hit the ground the world shifts again and they find themselves outside the front of the temple of Lathander’s Light in Dagger Falls.

This is where we left off the adventure…"



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