The Morning Lord's Glory

Dwarven Wood

Things aren't what the seem


  • The group explored the cavern hall
  • Dervin (Survival, Nat 20) finds tracks of 8-10 drow leaving through a passage along the south wall
  • Additionally, the two drow from the wall have disappeared to the far west of the cavern hall
  • Dervin also located a secret door along the north wall.
  • Opening the door, led to a passage that descended back to the east…there is a trail of blood.
  • The passage ends at an iron door with port slot.
  • Waylan is able to easily unlock the door.

The Troll

  • Inside the iron door is a small chamber with a bedroll at the far end.
  • A body lay motionless
  • Dervin discovers that it is “The Troll”, she is unconscious, overcome by drow poison
  • Uttering a prayer to Lathander a warm light fills the room
  • Black entrails envelope crossbow wounds pulling the poison out of the body, pooling on top of the wounds
  • Waylan quickly grabs a vial and captures the poison for future use (1 application)
  • After visiting with Mestin it is decided to retreat back to the Umbra Lupus camp in hope that Tristan has reached Torian and a forward operating base has been established.
  • Natheir returns her sabre.

The Moon Maiden

The Troll leans heavily upon Dervin as he helps her up the stairs to the Cavern Hall. As they reach the secret door a sharp pain pierces Dervin’s head. In an instant he is standing before the Moon Maiden, although her visage is wavering, struggling to break through the veil. She reaches out in desperation, “The Torque lies within. It must be recovered!”

Kotono and Waylan hear her voice in their heads, “The Torque lies within…it must be recovered!” Looking back they see Dervin grasping his head in pain. “We must not leave this place without the Torque.”

Mestin looks at Dervin, “Change of plans, eh? Well, if the Moon Maiden is calling then you must go. Don’t worry, my child, I’ve escaped much worse in my day.” After reaching the entrance to the Eagle’s Eyrie she quickly slinks into the shadows and is gone.

Dwarven Wood

  • A sizable dwarven vessel lay docked at the far end of the cavern hall.
  • It looks as if it has been decades since it was last used.
  • While the other begin exploring the boat, Dervin is able to disbelieve the illusion
  • He sees a drow vessel with two drow on the deck, hand crossbows trained on them
  • A fight ensues and the drow are quickly subdued
  • Waylan is able to intimidate one of the drow into speaking:
  • They learn that the drow wizard, Durden, is in control of the drow encampment. He is the same wizard they have faced two other times; at Kellet and the Abandoned Warehouse.
  • It is unclear if Myrkiira is here or not.
  • Waylan searches the lower hold and finds a note from Myrkiira to Durden

I believe my ruse is coming quickly to an end. That pompous half-snout merchant is getting greedy. If he isn’t careful the Spire will figure out his little game. His thugs are beginning to overstep their bounds with their “protection racket”. That halfling rat better keep him on a leash. I’ve been approached by several merchants asking if I’d be willing to speak with Waukeen’s puppet and I’ve played the scared little elf well. I’ve also been approached by an easterner who has asked way to many questions. I believe this is one of Dreg’s handpicked Lieutenants. I believe I threw them off my trail with a few sobs. I was pleased to hear the progress made at the Warehouses. It is critical that we regain control of the temple in short order and pulling this easterner to that location is key. Don’t underestimate them this time. As I promised, I have secured the loyalties of the human-haters at the Flaming Tower. They are poised and at the ready for the “Night of Reckoning”. The night is coming, my love. Be ready. Stay alert. The Siblings are waiting within the Dodrien Crypts at Mother’s request. Hunt, slay and animate those who scorn the Revenancer’s power, and answer any slight a thousandfold, so that all may know the coming power of the Vengeful Banshee! Dagger Falls will be ours and Lord Morn will pay with his life! ~ Myrkiira



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