The Morning Lord's Glory

Durden Yauntyrr

Eagle's Eyrie: Session 4

Final Confrontation


  • The group spoke briefly with Durden, but conflict was inevitable as the Drow blocked thier only escape from Eagle’s Eyrie.
  • Durden was felled along with an undead Dane.
  • The group found a letter from Mykiira describing their intent to attack Dagger Falls and Durden’s mission to stop the group from escaping Eagle’s Eyrie at all costs

Let there be Light

  • As the group emerged from the Temple of Dumathoin the darkness the pressed upon the group was gone.
  • Looking upward in the atrium mirrors could be seen dotting the many levels upward. Sunlight streamed into the atrium from above as if daylight were filling the room.
  • The group rode the dwarf “elevator” a platform controlled by a series of chains, pulleys and counterweights.
  • At the top were the ruins of the dwarf watchtower that towered above the river valley and Dagger Falls below. A massive shear cliff awaited the group.

The Descent

  • The group chose to climb down the sheer cliff. A series of skill checks were needed to make their way down.
  • After comfortably landing below, the group made their way back to the Northspire encampment on the south side of the river near the Teshford Arms.

Varic and Torian

  • After arriving at camp the group convened inside Tavion’s tent. A makeshift table with a map of Dagger Falls stretched out and pinned by Daggers is in the middle of the room.
  • Tavion the Bull can be seen towering over the table with a lithe man standing beside him. He stands may 5’10", jet black hair slicked back with a well manicured goatee. He speaks with a refined, arrogant air and it’s clear he is the man in charge.
  • He introduces himself as Varic and explains that he has taken command of this encampment.
  • After the group debriefs Varic and Tavion on the events inside of Eagle’s Eyrie and their success in acquiring the Torque of Lathander’s Blessing Varic begins to brief the group on the current events.
  • Their briefing is interrupted by several guards who drag in a wood elf who is looking in rough shape.
  • Waylan and Nathier interrogate the elf and learn his is part of the Eldreth Veluuthra, a xenophobic group of elves out of the Border Forest.
  • The Veluuthra hate humans and will kill on site because of their encroachment and disrespect for their lands. He explains that they have allied with the Zhentarum to destroy Dagger Falls.
  • Their job was to take and hold the Forrest Gate which they have done.

State of Affairs

  • Varic explains that in addition to the Forest Gate being occupied that the Zhentarum have captured the River Gate.
  • A darkness continues to emminate and pervade the surrounding land – it seems to be originating from the Temple District and the abandoned Temple of Lathander’s Light.
  • It is believed that there is a large contingent of Northspire Mercenaries within and around the Constable Tower presumable protecting Lord Morn.
  • It is unknown the state of the rest of the city.
  • Intelligence has revealed that Kessla has been captured and is being held by a group of Humanoid Zhents at the Red Rock.
  • Varic sent a group of Rangers into the city via a sewer drain on the south wall that led into the Abandoned Warehouse District to collect intelligence and hopefully discover what has happened at the Constable Tower. He has learned that they have also been overrun.
  • Varic is also aware of secret entrance to the Constable Tower on the west side of the city that the Spire often used for spys and scouts.
  • Varic sets three missions before the group – 1) Rescue Kessla – she knows too much and if her knowledge fell into the wrong hands it could be devastating 2) Reinforce the Rangers and break through to the Constable Tower 3) Sneak into the Constable Tower via the secret entrance on the west wall of the city and 4) Break the Zhent hold on the front gate and recapture that point
  • After some deliberation the group decides to rescue Kessla


  • Tavion provides a distraction with a coordinated attack on the gate – just enough to get the Zhents attention and provide the group the time needed to slip north toward the Red Rock
  • The group finds that there is a sizable contingent of orcs, ogres, and half-giants encamped around the Red Rock.
  • Two lone orc guards are at the back exit to the Red Rock, but there is a patrol of orcs as well scouring the perimeter.
  • The group easily dispatches the orcs at the back entrance, but a patrol of orcs comes upon the group.

We left if off at this point with an encounter at the back of the the Red Rock



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