The Morning Lord's Glory


The visuals of this dark chamber attack your senses. The black orb seems to eviscerate any light that draws upon it bending and shifting the space around it like heat baking off the desert sands. Tendrils of purple energy dance off it’s surface shooting off in all directions. Several tendrils are tethered to the alter below it. Myrkiira has begun to levitate above the alter and light is beginning to stream from her eye sockets and mouth becoming distorted and dissipating as the orb hungrily devours all energy around it. This is what has been fueling the events of this night. Death, decay, rot, and seething vengeance fuel this orb.

Dervin hears the Torque scream, “It must be cast back into the shadow!”

Durden turns to his right. A black portal opens up and he steps through disappearing. In a similar manner Olive also disappears through a dark portal and reappearing in front of the portal in the chamber off to the north. A purple tendril tethers itself to her body and her eyes pulse with power.

Olive – encounter 1

  • Seeing that there is an impenetrable orb of shadow around Mykiira the group decides to make it’s way into the portal to the left located in a smaler side cavern.
  • There is a simliar portal situated to the right.
  • The light of Lathander’s Blessings seems to fight against the darkness surrounding Mykiira, but can not penetrate it.
  • Mykiira seems to be source of the ritual that is focussed on the shrouded figure on the black alter.
  • Upon entering the portal a familiar barren wasteland greets them.
  • Olive is waiting with a purple tendril of energy wrapped around her like a rope.
    *The group battles against Olive and hordes of undead the rise each round.
  • Additionally, black tendrils spring up randomly around the group hindering their vision and movement.
  • Ethereal ghostly images of the 5 individuals in crow cages begin to appear on this plane as well – their souls are being drained and pulled into this plane.
  • The group steps back through the portal… the was the end of our first encounter session


Beginning of second encounter the following week

  • The group sees Durden guarding a black portal on the other side of the cavern in a similar side cavern.
  • The shadow surrounding Mykiira has shrunk back now that the first portal has been dispatched.
    *Mykiira is now levitating and darkness is spilling forth from her eyes and mouth engulfing the body on the alter.
  • Durden is able to control the field by his magic casting Cloudkill, improved invisibility, and using his newfound revanent powers.
  • The tight quarters coupled with the lair effects (Hunger of Hadar) aid Durden in delaying the group enough to give Mykiira the time necessary to complete the ritual giving new life to the vile Colderan Morn.

Colderan Morn

Mykirra’s spent corpse slams to the floor with a thud. He lifeforce spent to fuel the ritual. Levitating above the alter is the horrific visage of Colderan Morn now wearing the flesh of his grandson, Randal Morn. A slow menacing laugh echoes of the cavern chamber. “Dagger Falls is now mine and darkness will reign!” With a flash Colderan Morn is gone. Dread fills the room as the realization of what has been unleashed upon the land – a Lich of great power now lives.

Dervin, remembering the words of Vergadain in Eagles Eyre, screems to Kotono, “The dagger! Hand me the Luckblade!” Grasping the Dagger and drawing upon it’s gift time slows down. Dervin is now standing in a vacuum with a light eminating from the dagger about 20 feet then fading into the darkness. Vergadain stands before Dervin, “Colderan lives…your path ahead will be even more difficult.” Just on the edge of the light, Dervin can also see Kiranselle prowling and snarling at them unable to enter the light. “I can’t hold her off much longer – she is gaining power.” Looking Vergadain in the eyes Dervin pleads,“I must interrupt the ritual before it can be complete.” With a concerned look Vergadain nods,“You understand that there will be unforeseen consequences?” Nodding, Dervin closes his eyes and envisions a shell around Mykiira that expels all magic. He sees the moment that he is revived by Kotono during the battle. With a flash of light Dervin awakes to Kotono standing over him. Looking over to the alter Mykiira is suddenly surrounded by an orb and then a flash of light. An explosion rocks the cavern. Tarak is blown back and Mykiira drops to the ground. Durden is eviscerated leaving only dust behind. The black orb, portals, and purple tendrils are gone. The once black alter of bones crumbles to the ground toppling the shrouded body to the ground.

Looking up from the ground, a look of rage spreads across Mykiira’s face and she screams, “NO!”. A dark hand stretches out of the ether and touches Mykiira. In an instant she is gone…

Stunned the group looks around confused, but rejoicing over their circumstances. Standing before them is Randall Morn, “Tell me everything you know.”

The group is able to triage Randall Morn and his companions. After some discussion and debrief it is decided to quickly make their way back to the River Gate to gather themselves. Tunfer the Stout believes that the ritual was fueled by a Void Stone and a demiplane fueled by negative energy. The ritual was drawing upon a second plane of Shadow and the very life forces of Randall Morn and others.

Dervin, Tarak, Dohrian, Sam, Kotono, and Waylan escort Lord Morn to the encampment without incident. It seems the interruption of the ritual has confused and stifled the offensive for the moment giving them the break they need to escape to safety.

We will pick it up next time at the encampment where the group must decide it’s next move in reclaming Dagger Falls…



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