The Council


The Northspire Mercenary Company is ruled by the Warden, Dregu “Dreg” Ughash, and a group of 6 Prolocutors called The Council who oversee the operations, objectives, and logistics of the organization. The Warden chooses his Prolocutors and can dismiss them from service at any time.


Dregu “Dreg” Ughash (male/ halforc/ NG/Bard6/ Barb4) is the founder and current Warden of the Northspire Mercenary Company. He is the face of the organization and sees to the morale of all under his command. The Warden does have the ability to overrule any action taken by The Council, but to date has never invoked this authority.

Prolocutor of Defence (“The Second”)

Baretrek “The Bear” Brightblade (male/Dwarf/LN/Fighter7) is Dreg’s “Second” and is nearly always at his side. As the captain of the guard, The Bear handles all matters related to the Dagger Falls city watch and standing garrison.

Prolocutor of Commerce (“The Trademaster”)

Brodwen Delgaard (female/ human/ N/ Priestess5) is The Spire’s Trademaster. Brodwen acts as a liaison between the city of Dagger Falls and the Company. She is also involved with The Market District acting as a money changer every ride (tenday). She often will accompany caravan’s on important trade missions. Brodwen has fiery red hair and a passionate demeanor. She is often the voice of reason in the council as she is able to see all sides of various issues.

Prolocutor of Espionage (“Spymaster”)

Nathier Fleetfoot (male /halfling /CN /Rogue3) is the acting Spymaster. The position of Spymaster is an anonymous and closely held secret. Natheir is a complicated little fellow; affable and fun loving one moment and steely cold the next. He is rash, unpredictable, yet cool under pressure. There is always a method to his madness. He is as comfortable among the nobility as he is trading goods with the local fence. He is a veteran of the Daggerdale Freedom Riders whose deeds are known only to the highest ranking members. Nathier specializes in espionage, information gathering, and subterfuge. Nathier is rarely seen without his lucky coin rolling over his fingers and his pipe in his mouth.

Prolocutor of Goods (“Quartermaster”)

Lanrick Paddlehaven (male/ Gnome/ CG/ Wizard (Illusionist)8) is the Quartermaster for the Northspire Mercenary Company and handles all requisitions of goods and supplies. He is a reclusive, busybody with a mischievous side. Lanrick holds a dual role as the acting as the Quartermaster and company Magister.

Prolocutor of Arcana (“Magister”)

Lanrick Paddlehaven

Prolocutor of the People (“Ambassador”)

Ariton Delmis (male /human /LG /Paladin10) is a paladin of Torm and is currently serving as the Ambassador to the Dales for the Northspire Mercenaries. It is rumored that he maintains close counsel with Lord Morn with whom he is close personal friends. Ariton is respected across all thresholds of Daggerdale society for his decorated service as Lord Morn’s top Lieutenant with the Freedom Riders. Ariton personally led the cavalry unit that overtook Dagger Falls.

The Council

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