The Morning Lord's Glory

Duty & Faith


Duty & Faith

Darvin, a Priest of Lathander hailing from the relatively unknown hamlet of Brightdale,Priest_of_Lathander_2.bmp was drawn to Dagger Falls after a vision where he was told to “Bring my light into the darkness…” by the Morninglord. After a life of relative obscurity as a sheep herder he was pulled into the limelight after he saved his village from an onslaught of shambling corpses when he called upon Lethander. Life has never been the same for Darvin as the townsfolk looked upon him with fawning affection and adulation. Awaking from a deep slumber, Darvin received a powerful blessing that allowed him to pass through lands unseen. As he passed through the Zhent holding of Teshwave he was given a message by Tula Woodsbridge, a secret operative of Dagger Falls, posing as a simple serving wench at The Rapids taphouse. She asked him to deliver a sealed note to “Durg” and assured him he would know him when he saw him. Tula showed him to a secret passage in the cellar of the inn that led him safely to the outskirts of the city. Several days later a happenstance meeting at the Broken Dagger taphouse in Dagger Falls brought him a step closer to Dreg. After introducing himself to Kotono, a Shou Lung mercenary working for the Northspire Mercenary Company, he made it known that he need to deliver an important message to “Dreg”.

Kotono, on respite after a long ride through the Anauroch, was attempting to secure a Khopesh_Ale.jpgcask of rare ale called “Khopesh” that is considered a luxury among the native Bedine nomads of the Anauroch. Dreg tasked “K” to secure the ale so he can make an offering of thanksgiving and diplomacy. Kotono’s caravan was nearly overtaken by a massive sand storm several weeks prior and without the Bedine’s merciful and timely intervention they would have perished. Dreg has also recently promoted Kotono for his bravery and service of the past year as a caravan guard along the Black Road in the most dangerous wasteland in all the Realms.

Dreg’s second in command, “The Bear” pointed Kotono toward the Broken Dagger Half_Ogre.jpgand told him to look for Dynter. It would be his best hope of securing the cherished Ale. After visiting with the imposing half-ogre Dynter about the Khopesh Ale, he learned that a recent shipment had not arrived as expected. He offered Kotono a deal; recover the shipment and you can have that ale plus 50% of any profits. As “K” was leaving a group of three mysterious men approached Dynter and gave him a note. Upon reading the note, Dynter shouted to apprehend the men as they were running out the door. The note was addressed to Dynter and requested that he meet them at the abandoned farm to discuss the “missing shipment”.

Kotono brought Darvin to Dregs office in the Constable’s tower, a massive towerConstable_s_Tower.png rising hundreds of feet upon a rise called The Spur overlooking Dagger Falls. Darvin delivered Tula’s important message. After reading the note, Dreg seemed visibly upset. He informed “K” that it may be time to get Tulip out of Teshwave, but first there is a matter of a certain ale that must be recovered.

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