Olavia "Olive" Tsardruyn

Deceased, Proprietor of the Teshford Arms, Guild Master Umbra Lupus


Olavia or Olive as she is known, is a stout, halfling woman with a hard look about her as if she has seen too many troubles. She has long brown hair with silver streaks that gently cascade over her shoulders and flows down her back. She typically is wearing a common matrons dress which hangs loosely about her figure. Upon closer inspection the soft glint of a chain shirt can be seen under her dress. A short sword casually dangles at her side. Olive has an obstinate, boisterous demeanor that can rub some folk the wrong way.


Olavia has lived in Dagger Falls for many years. She is the proprietor of the Teshford Arms, and a vocal member of the community. She has done well being the only serviceable Inn in the city and had a reputation as a survivor during the Zhentarim occupation.

Olive has been exposed as the guild leader of the Umbra Lupus cursed as a Wererat. She was eventually killed by Kotono Shin during an confrontation the Umbral Lupus hideout and drow trading post near Eagle’s Eyrie.

Olive was again encountered outside Lathander’s Temple in her new form as a Revanent. She possessed unusual ability to pass between this plane and another appearing and reappearing seemingly at will. She nearly killed Kotono in that encounter, but her body was killed leaving her spirit to roam and find another.

Olive once again encountered the group as a portal guardian during the ritual to raise Colderan Morn in the Catacombs of Lathander’s Light. She was once again dispatched.

Olive will not rest until she feels the last beat of Kotono’s heart. She is aiding the drow and Kiransalee to bring darkness to Daggerdale.

Olavia "Olive" Tsardruyn

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