Myrkiira Desptyl

Drow Priestess of Kiaransalee


Little is known of Myrkirra, but she is an imposing figure first encountered in the Abandoned Warehouses in the Industrial District of Dagger Falls. She wears jet black leather armor that bears the mark of her foul deity, a severed drow hand, prominently on the breast of her armor. Her long silver hair falls gracefully down her back. Most striking of all is the silver mask that covers half her face leaving only her left eye and mouth exposed. She carries a blackened shield and a vicious mace that bears a human skull prominently with grotesque thorny spikes jutting out around it. The eyes glow an eerie green haze and a viscous fluid drips from it’s orifices coating the head of the mace. Each drop of poison hisses as it hits the ground. The foul smell of decay and rot follows her wherever she goes.


Little is known of her history, but what documents have been recovered paint her as the primary leader of the drow assault upon Dagger Falls and the puppeteer of the Umbra Lupus. The group has uncovered the following clues to her background:

  • Mykiira was posing as the Eladrin, Deykris, an emissary from the Border Forest and proprietor in the Market District first encountered by Kotono Shin and Dervin while investigating Fulgath and the Umbra Lupus
  • Mykiira first appeared to the group when they inturrupted a meeting in the abandoned warehouse with Olive and the Umbra Lupus. This was the first indication that the drow were working with others in the city.
  • The group found letters in Eagle’s Eyrie from Mykiira to Durden, the drow mage tasked with finding the artifact Lathander’s Blessing in Eagle’s Eyrie. These letters pointed to an inimate relationship between Durden and Mykiira.
  • During their time in the burned out Lathander temple of Lathander’s Light several documents point to a suspicious elf woman named Eragyn the Dark who was obsessed with finding the tome of Colderan Morn and was convinced in lay in the bowels of the catacombs beneath the temple. The group suspects this was Mykiira as well.
  • A plot was eventually uncovered to raise Colderan Morn by using the body of his Great Grandson, Randal Morn, which is why the drow and Zhents have attacked Dagger Falls. This ritual was interrupted causing Mykiira to retreat with the aid of her foul deity, Kiranselee.
  • Mykiira, under the guise of Deykris, has promised the Eldrath Veluthra that the Border Forest would be protected from any Zhent or human incursion following the drow taking control. Dor’hian witnessed her deception to his people first hand.
  • Mykiira has promised the Zhents use of Dagger Falls to restart their use of the Black Road and become the seat of the “New Zhentil Keep”.
  • Mykiira has use of a powerful artifact called the Void Stone which was seen on display during the ritual to raise Colderan Morn. It causes phase shifting, muting of positive energy to include healing effects, and a perpetual darkness to fall upon the land it inhabits.
  • Mykiira is also working for a drow male and female that were seen conversing through magical means prior to the ritual in the catacombs of Lathander’s Light.

Myrkiira Desptyl

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