Mestin "Troll" Durmark

Speaker of the Diaspora


As her nickname suggested, Mestin, was not a dainty female. She was above average height for a woman, and had a muscular build. Her hair was cut short to make it more manageable in the wild, and she wore mannish clothes.


Mestin “Troll” Durmark was a ranger and a high-ranking member of the Freedom Riders and helped lead the revolution of Dagger Falls as Lord Randall Morn’s second in command. Mestin was next to Ariton Delmis as the most high-ranking member of the Riders under Randal Morn. After the revolution, Mestin has become one of Lord Morn’s closest advisers. Her current capacity is as the Speaker of the Diaspora where she acts as an ambassador for all people in Daggerdale living outside the confines of a village or city. She is an excellent source of local lore on the surrounding region as she prides herself in having scoured every last nook and cranny. Mestin can often be found in or around Old Dulwar’s Leatherworks of whom she is known a close confidant..

Mestin "Troll" Durmark

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