Lanrick Paddlehaven

Prolocutor of Goods, Prolocutor of Arcana, Quartermaster, and Magister


Lanrick Paddlehaven (male/ Gnome/ CG/ Wizard (Illusionist)8) is the Quartermaster for the Northspire Mercenary Company and handles all requisitions of goods and supplies. Lanrick holds a dual role as the acting Quartermaster and company Magister.

Lanrick typically wears disheveled robes in desperate need of mending. His spectacles precariously perched on the tip of his nose are smudged and bent from mishandling. His stark white hair and beard are his most striking feature and is interestingly neatly trimmed and groomed in stark contrast to the rest of his appearance.

Lanrick has as many quirks to his personality as oddities in his shop. He is a reclusive, busybody with a mischievous side; many have been on the unsuspecting end of a practical joke. It is not unusual to see Lanrick opening and closing a door several times before entering or leaving, rigorously shining an object before placing it in place, or speaking in the third person, “Lanrick has no idea!” His favorite phrase is,“Yes, yes, busy, busy, rush, rush, rush!”

Lanrick is a genius in his own right and a tickerer beyond compare. He is known for many of his inventions, both magical and mundane throughout the Dales. It is not unusual for him to consult with dwarves and humans on matters of engineering and machining.


It is believed that Lanrick hails from the gnome island of Lantan. He is well traveled throughout the realms having traveled as far south as the jungles of Chult where he commanded a little known Lantan encampment along the north coast. How he made it this far north and found himself in his current role is a mystery.

Lanrick Paddlehaven

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