Constable of Dagger Falls, Proprietor of Red Rock


Kessla is a petite half-elf with long flowing red hair that she often ties in intricate elven braids. She is of stunning beauty with a soft glow about her countenance. Her movements are graceful and fluid and her words flow melodically when she speaks. Her most striking feature is her deep green eyes that are welcoming and warm. A soft smile and kind word is often on her lips. An expert musician, vocalist, orator, and actor, she has garnered renown throughout the Dalelands from her adventuring and traveling days. Kessla is courageous, having put herself in peril at great personal cost during the Liberation of Dagger Falls and loyal beyond measure. Her child-like facade belies a shrewd, cunning guile as a leader of the people. She is highly perceptive and is an excellent source of local knowledge, information, and rumors. Kessla is a devout follower of Eilistraee.


Kessla is the proprietor of the Red Rock taphouse, and the Constable of Dagger Falls.

During the Zhentarim occupation of Dagger Falls, Kessla worked closely with Dulwar providing key intelligence that aided the resistance and Freedom Riders. Her actions put her in great peril as she worked against the devious agents of the Zhentarim.

To the dismay of many, the Red Rock was destroyed during the liberation of Dagger Falls. Many throughout the Dalelands contributed in restoring this treasure of the Dales to it’s former glory.

In 1370 DR, Kessla was elected as the first Constable under the reign of Lord Randal Morn. As Constable she is also a member of the Court of Daggerdale. Her governance has seen the recovery of the Constable Tower and a renaissance of trade as she quickly reestablished The Market.


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