Durden Yauntyrr

A powerful drow mage who has been blessed to undeath as a Revanent.


In life Durden was tall for a drow with fine, sharp features. His hair was well manicured and pulled back tightly. His eyes, a deep crimson, are his most striking feature. He also bares an acid burn from the left side of his neck that can also be seen on the top of his left hand which he keeps covered with his robes.

In death, Durden’s eyes have sunken and his skin is pulled tight against his bones. His eyes now glow red with hatred and vengeance.


Little is known of Durden other than his relationship to Myrkiira, the drow priestess of Kiaranselee, who has infiltrated Dagger Falls. Durden has proven a sly, resilient, and shrewd foe that has found a way to survive and come back for more. Each time his tactics have changed, but has always found a way to escape their grasp. Durden seems to be a loyal subject of Myrkiira and devoted to the cause of Kiaranselee, the Vengeful Banshee. His primary motive seems to be that of vengeance for an unknown slight. Perhaps the cause of his acid burns? He is a dangerous foe that needs to be vanquished before he brings about the darkness he so loyally serves.

Durden was first encountered in Kellet at the ruined keep overlooking the city in the module A Meeting Interrupted. A secret meeting between the drow, Umbra Lupus, and the Zhentarum was interrupted. Durden eventually escaped with his life, but he proved a powerful foe nearly killing Dervin.

The group again encountered Durden in the Abandoned Warehouse when the group interrupted another meeting between the Drow and Umbra Lupus. He again escaped to the dismay of the group.

It has now been discovered that Durden is in charge of a secret drow encampment in the bowels of Eagle’s Eyrie and has been supplying the Umbra Lupus for some time. It seems that Olive was his primary contact.

Durden was killed in Eagle’s Eyrie and left for dead only to be encounted again in the Catacombs beneath the temple of Lathander’s LIght. He has been blessed by Kiranselee now taking the form of an undead Revanent with a soul tie to Dervin. He will not rest until his death is avenged and Dervin is dead!

Durden Yauntyrr

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