Dregu "Dreg" Ughash

Marshal of Daggerdale, Warden of the Northspire Mercenary Company


Dregu “Dreg” Ughash

Dreg is an imposing figure, standing nearly 6’7” tall with a massive frame. As large as Dreg stands, his personality is even bigger. He is a larger than life figure whose charisma has won over Lords in spite of his nefarious heritage. He is known to wear colorful attire, bedecked in large gaudy jewelry; massive rings, hooped earrings, and a large medallion bearing the image of the sigil of the Northspire Mercenary Company. The sigil is marked by a towering archway with beams of sun rays emanating outward encapsulating a large mountain peak, the Northspire Peak. In the middle across the bottom edge is a small shield emblazoned by an elongated “S” overlayed on top of a smaller “n”. There are also 7 emeralds along the top of the arch that align with the rays. Dreg has three distinct trademarks; one tusk that is broken off, a large, sweeping, broad rimmed cavalier hat adorned with a single feather, and a massive tattoo on his chest of a decapitated dwarf head impaled upon a spear. His shirt is always open down the front displaying proudly this shocking image.


The Northspire Mercenary Company was founded in 1351 DR by Dregu “Dreg” Ughash, a relatively unknown, eccentric half-orc. Dreg was raised in the Ripped Gut Orc tribe of the Nether Mountains north of the High Forest across the Rauvin River. Dreg quickly rose in the ranks of the tribe. He was a feared warrior, but his greatest trait was his ability to lead and inspire his tribesman. Dreg bested the aging Baruk in combat and became chieftain for the Ripped Gut tribe in 1339 DR. To the astonishment of the tribe, Dreg stayed his hand and exiled Baruk to the four winds. Dreg was able to expand the tribe’s territory and soon was making regular incursions into the High Forest raiding wood elf villages.

In 1350 DR, Dreg led his most ambitious raid, striking deep into the High Forest where he cornered a fleeing Wood Elf clan in the Star Mounts upon the Northspire Peak. The Ripped Guts fought the elves to the orc; Dreg’s entire war party perished that fateful night. Awaking days later under the bodies of his fallen tribesmen and elves, clinging to life, Dreg received a vision from a majestic white stag requesting that he “bring light into the darkness.” Dreg knew he was called to something greater. Presumed dead by his tribe, Dreg wandered aimlessly through the wilds following the “light in the darkness”. After a period, he found himself in the Zhent controlled city of Llorkh. Dreg quickly put his talents to use, starting the Northspire Mercenaries assisting Zhent caravans crossing the Great Desert along the Black Road.

After arriving in Dagger Falls and seeing the plight of the people under the tyranny of the Zhents, Dreg was moved to do something to assist the Freedom Riders. He became secret friends with Lord Randal Morn who saw something special in Dreg. He was unlike any half-orc he had met before; charismatic, empathetic, honorable …and he could sing!

A master manipulator and schemer, Dreg secretly opposed the Zhents control in the area by funding Lord Morn’s resistance fighters all the while securing the employ as the main caravan protection for all trade goods crossing the Anauroch Desert along the Black Road. The Zhentarim found the many losses they had sustained holding the Black Road unsustainable so they sought others to fill this need. Dreg was quick to act and secured the caravan protection contract to carry out the task of crossing the most dangerous wasteland in all the realms.

Dreg quickly earned the reputation as a formidable leader who was loved by his men. He took good care of his mercenaries passing along his many profits to supply them with the best armor, weapons, and protection available. After the liberation of Dagger Falls which Dreg played no small part, Lord Morn elevated the mercenary company declaring them the watch and guard of Dagger Falls. Many retired Freedom Riders joined and bolstered their ranks. The Northspire Mercenaries have become a fixture in Dagger Falls and outside the Zhentarim comprise the largest mercenary force in the region. They are working with Lord Morn to bring order to Daggerdale and protect the sovereignty of its people against the tyranny of the Zhentarim.

Dregu "Dreg" Ughash

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