*Deceased* Massive Human Werewolf Alpha of the Umbra Lupus


Werewolf_Large.jpgDane stands 6’8" tall with a broad barrel chest and muscular frame. He has a scare that runs down his face through his left eye leaving a milky white eye. Dane speaks little and lets his action and prowess as a fighter do the talking. His werewolf form is that of a massive white werewolf.


Dane was the seed of Lycanthrope within the Umbra Lupus and the Alpha Male. He was first encountered in the abandoned warehouse as the Umbra Lupus and Drow were convening. The group notoriously broke up the meeting with the primary antagonists of each group fleeing after heated combat. Dane was finally dispatched at the underdark encampment. His undead form was seen again in the Dumathoin Temple inside Eagle’s Eyrie where he was finally dispatched by the group.


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