The Morning Lord's Glory

Temple Run

Flanking Attack

Temple Run

The battle at the river Tesh continues into the evening intensifying as the sun begins to set. The catapults continue to rain down on the River Gate keeping the Spire forces at bay. Upon nightfall Lord Morn calls for the Freedom Riders to hold the Ford and the River Gate while the main force retreats to the temple. Four Riders are sent south to call upon further Freedom Riders to reinforce Dagger Falls. The fighting is intense in the streets of Dagger Falls, but the explosion that rocked the warehouse district seems to have distracted and disorientated the Zhent forces in the contested zones.

Fighting is heaviest to the north just outside the Temple District . Lord Morn calls upon his elite operatives to break the Zhent line barring passage into the temple. Kotono is leading one of three strike teams comprised of Tarak, Rhuic, Waylan, Duh’rian, and Dervin. It is a flanking assault designed to break their ranks and allow the other strike teams to overrun their position.

The group scouted ahead and found the area they expected to be fortified by Zhents empty and quiet. Waylan was able to spot elves moving quickly and quietly along the rooftops. Dur’hian decides to track the group with a hunch they may be his kin. Three arrows land at Dur’hian’s feet and a tense exchange begins between Dur’hian and members of the Eldrath Veluthra from the Border Forest. They agree to meet him and his group in the Broken Dagger Tavern several blocks ahead.

Upon entering the Tavern Dur’hian is met by someone unexpected, Lor’ian, his father. The talks seemed to be stalling as Lor’ian described the Eldrath Veluthra’s intentions in securing the Border Forest against logging and human incursion once and for all after generations of trespassing. Their tenuous alliances are based on who they feel will prevail in the ongoing struggle. It is Lor’ian’s belief that Dagger Falls will fall tonight and the line of Morn will end. Rhuic finally asked Lor’ian directly why he would ally with Drow. Lor’ian is confused by his suggestion and states that the only groups they have dealt with are an ambassador sent from the Zhents and an Eladrin emissary from the Feywild, Dey’kris. The group explained that they felt confidant that Dey’kris was an drow priestess of Kiaransalee masquerading in their midst. Furthermore, they also uncovered evidence that she has been meddling in Dagger Falls affairs for over 40 year with records found in the Temple Lathander’s Light. Lor’ian agrees to retreat and relinquish the River Gate.

An elf, badly injured, bursts into the tavern and exclaims that the Zhent position has been overrun and they are retreating. They will soon be upon them.

The group takes up position and engages the enemy in the streets. They begin clearing a path to the temple. Tavion, leading Lord Morn, comes upon them and the group frantically makes its way to the temple.

The temple is quickly secured and a forward operating base is erected in the temple. Lord Morn makes it clear that time is of the essence. A detachment is sent to secure the River Gate and Lord Morn instructs the group to make its final preparations. They will be making their way to the Constable tower within the hour…

This is where we left off…until we meet again



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