The Morning Lord's Glory

Lathander Red

The North Wing

The North Wing

  • Dervin recalled tales told to him by his parents about the temple catacombs after his Grandfather, Hazlem, was laid to rest there.
  • There are four areas of interest: Morning Lord Living Quarters, Catacombs, Winery, and the Sanctuary.
  • After some discussion it is determined that the group will explore the North Wing

The Sitting Room

  • This is a room that was designed to receive visitors in a formal manner. There is an “L” shaped reception half wall with a door behind.
  • The room is severely fire damaged scattered with broken furniture
  • After some investigation the group found the following: A bottle of Lathander Red, A note from Brother Maynard, Ledger with names.
  • Lathander Red is the key staple along with healing potions produced with the Fountain of Life water
  • Note from Brother Maynard: Brother Numse – Please stop disabling the fountain and return the Tertiaries at once!
  • Ledger with Names: Notable names – Constable Tren Noemfor, Eragyn
  • The door behind the reception area is locked (failed attempt to open)
  • Exited through NW hallway
  • Statue of Stag at end of hallway in alcove as it turns east toward Chapel


  • A large room that is in complete disarray with burned and broken pews strewn about.
  • There is an impressive stained glass window along the North wall that is completely intact.
  • With a shimmer the group is once again phase shifted
  • A man is seen crouched in the corner; upon inspection he looks familiar.
  • Upon turning to the group, the man’s chest is torn open and his throat is ripped out – it is Bert
  • He is holding something in his hand which he gives to Dervin – upon inspection it is a marble piece of the fountain in the shape of a crescent moon
  • Each member must make another Sanity Check – Doh’rian and Kotono fail
  • Doh’rian finds himself in the Border Forest talking to Kessla
  • Encounter with a wraith, 2 ghosts, and 7 spectres

We will pick up next time at the conclusion of this encounter



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