The Morning Lord's Glory

A City in Darkness

Rescuing Kessla

Taking it in the Rear

  • A skirmish erupts as the group is overrun by Zhent Hill Giants, Ogres, and Orcs, but they are soon dispatched.
  • The group enters the Red Rock and they discover that more Zhents are holed up inside.
  • Waylan and Nathier make their way upstairs and discover Kessla’s room – Waylan pilfers her armoir, leaves a note, and hides her Lute
  • Deciding not to confront the Zhents in the main tavern area, they instead make their way to the basement
  • Waylan and Nathier overhear Kessla being interrogated and interrupt it easily overtaking her captors.
  • Kessla is recovered and they sneak out the back door and return to the encampment.


  • They learn from Kessla that the primary motivation of the attack is to capture Lord Morn and use him in some sort of ritual that will bind the darkness to the land.
  • It is unknown if Lord Morn has been captured or not.

This is where we left off…



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