Daggerdale: The Morning Lord’s Glory

It is currently the year 1374, five years after Lord Randal Morn valiantly led a group of resistance fighters, The Freedom Riders, to reclaim the city of Dagger Falls from the iron grip of the Zhentarim Constable, Guthbert Golthammer. Randall is the last surviving member of his family line who had ruled over the region of Daggerdale for centuries prior to the Zhentarim arrival in 1336. During his exile, Lord Morn had acquired many allies and a sizable force of over 200 men. The Zhents had focused their efforts on holding Dagger Falls which they needed to control their black market trade route, the Black Road. After the siege of Zhentil Keep in 1368 the tide began to change as the Zhents attention on Dagger Falls waned. Sensing their lack of vigilance, Lord Morn, after 35 years of exile, led a daring midnight invasion of Dagger Falls in 1369 DR. Guthbert Golthammer, was a cruel but weak leader, and his arrogance ultimately cost him as he underestimated the resolve of Lord Morn whom he saw as an aging exiled patriarch whose days were numbered. Ultimately, Lord Morn had the Zhent constable beheaded, placing his head on a pike as a fair warning to all Zhent forces. With the aid of several of the Dale Lords, Lord Morn was able to defend Dagger Falls against several frantic, but poorly planned counterattacks by the Zhents. The current state of Daggerdale and it’s capital is a tenuous at best as the city is constantly under attack by various Zhent spies and infiltrators that vie to upset the precarious balance that has been so hard fought.

The Morning Lord's Glory

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